Fishing Casino


- Mouse only!

How to Play?

  • Your goal is to fish every kind of fishes in the sea. 
  • To fish, you just need to put a bait on your line.
  • To do that, just click on a fish card on the left, and drag it and drop it anywhere.
  • Dice are rolling! What fish will you get?
  • You can see on your left a new fish card: that's the one you fished!
  • You can repeat: drag the new fish on your line!


  • Each fish on the line rolls its dice, the score determines what fish you get.
  • The bigger the score, the bigger the fish.
  • Getting the maximum value of a dice is a critical: all your dice reroll!
  • You also get a rare fish! The more criticals in a single roll you get, the rarer the fish!
  • You can sell your fishes anytime, just click on "Go to shop". It will sell all your fishes.
  • Fishes you bring to the merchant are saved in your "Hall of Fishes". Try to fish'm'all!
  • With your new coins, you can buy upgrades!
  • The merchant have a different story for each kind of fish!


  • Better image compression (should improve performances)
  • Fix infinite bait bug (you cannot spam baits anymore)
  • Add narrative hints to the Hall of Fish (you can collect the merchant lines!)


A game by Martin Cirice and Abe Shevington.

  • Designing: Martin and Abe
  • Development: Martin
  • Visuals: Martin
  • Writing and research: Abe
  • Music: Abe
  • Fonts: Google


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Very unique concept, the art is really nice too!